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Home Inspector Dan can be found in and around the East Valley of Phoenix, Arizona. The average home inspection fee is $450. Home Inspector Dan is licensed by the state of Arizona Board of Technical Registars, Arizona Department of Agriculture, and is a member of the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors. During the home inspection, conducive termite conditions or evidence of infestation will be noted and complimented with an Arizona TARF, termite action report form.

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Acidic condensate from your air conditioner can be very corrosive. Leaks in the attic can attract termites in your area. Annual inspection of your homes attic, roof, plumbing, electrical, and structural components will help you get a better understanding of the conditions, components, and life expediencies of materials used. We all have busy lives, and don't take the time needed to find our homes defects, and that can lead to larger repair bills. I'm guilty of it as well. I provide a thorough inspection of your major components and the conditions of them. Need somebody in your back pocket that you can ask anything on your home?
Service panels that are not correctly sealed will detach from the wall. The strain on the wires may have caused a hazardous condition on the interior of the panel. A licensed electrician should repair immediately.
Looking for active spots for a better recommendation for my client.
Luckily we were smart enough to remove the unfinished plywood to take a peak below, only to realize they were trying to cover up some very nasty stuff. It pays to take a second look.
The area had gone unnoticed for many years. Termites can hide their trails pretty well if we aren't paying attention. Make sure you have a 2 inch gap below your stucco so you can find termites before this happens. They made it up to the attic above the second floor on this home.
This damp, heavily irrigated area on a north foundation wall is a perfect area for termites. Unfortunately this home had extensive damage in almost every wall of the home. homeinspectordan.com
Holes in the shower pan caused this shower to leak and deteriorate onto the bathroom below it just months after this inspection. The buyers wanted to take their chances, luckily warranty stepped in and helped out.
Super friendly road runner walked past me and ran down the fence. Such a cool bird.

Pool/Spa Inspection

Documented report on pool/spa electrical equipment, pump and filter, and safety recommendations

Residential Home Inspection

Arizona Standards inspection report detailing all major components and systems with safety and investment protecting recommendations

Termite & WDO Inspection

You will be provided a wood destroying organisms report on every residential home, free of charge to the new homeowner

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