Water leak inside of a solar water heater located on a roof

Water leak inside of a solar water heater located on a roof

Solar Powered Pool Heater

Buying a home with a solar water heater booster or solar pool water heater can get expensive. The reason behind using solar to help heat water in the home or at the pool is to cut costs. Using a renewable energy source like the sun is a great way to cut down on energy bills, when done right.

Solar panels mounted on a roof surface will collect the suns energy and transfer the heat (energy) into your water. The process of mounting a solar panel on a roof involves mounting it to the roof surface. That will create entry points for water at the mounting brackets. The brackets will likely be sealed well at installation time, but ongoing maintenance to the sealant is normally overlooked and the mounting brackets become leak points.

As the piping in the solar panel ages, remember we have running water at the panel, leaks are likely to occur. If caught soon enough, a repair can be made to correct the leak and functionallity can be restored. If the leak is not caught soon, water can build up on the roof surface and find its way into the mounting holes on the roof surface. This will likely lead to water damaged roofing materials, insulation, and possibly finished surfaces before anything is noticed by the homeowner.

The solar water heater could now have actually cost the homeowner thousands in repairs to the area it was mounted. At that point, the homeowner will have to make a decision to install a new water heater or not, knowing that installing one could likely cause the damages again in the future. There’s no question of the effectiveness of a solar water heater in Arizona. The question is if you as a homeowner are willing to take on the added maintenance and monitoring of the panels. Most homeowners will not inspect their panels regularly when they are mounted on a roof. 

If you are a diligent home owner and/or can hire someone to inspect and service the panel on a regular basis, a solar water heater could benefit your family. If not, consider removing the panel and sealing all mounting holes properly. The added value of a solar water panel can easily be overshadowed by repairs caused by the same appliance.