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Residential pool and spa packages are $75. Termite inspection reports cost you nothing and are included. Re-inspections are $150.


Frequently Asked Questions

When should I show up for my walkthrough?

The average sized home takes a couple hours to inspect, in good condition. Feel free to contact me about timing for a walk through or if you just want a report sent over. Texting me if I don’t answer, I’ll call you back as soon as I can.

When will I receive my report?

Please allow up to 24 hours for the report to be sent over to the buyers agent and buyer. Most reports are sent over the same day as the inspection was performed.

Will my report include pictures?

High quality pictures of features and systems of your home will be provided. Close up and location view pictures will be included for repair references.

What type of report will I receive?

You will get a Key Findings, Property Information, and Termite Inspections Reports. They will be delivered in a digital format, downloadable to pdf form and/or printable. Your report will include many pictures of the systems, elevations, and deficiencies with your new home.

What isn't going to be tested at my home inspection?

Several items are limited in how I may be able to test them. Air conditioners in cold weather can be damaged if turned on. Main water or angle valves are not typically turned. Any gas lines or service connections are not turned on. Sewer drain lines between the home and street.

Do all of your reports include thermal imaging?

They do not. I use thermal imaging as a tool to assist me in finding areas in need of correction. A full thermal inspection is not in the scope of a typical home inspection.

Do you go to all areas of the home?

If the home is not occupied, all areas are typically accessible and will be viewed. When the home is being lived in, personal belonging, animals, people, trash among other things can limit our inspection. Asking the seller to make as many areas available as possible, tidying up the home, and leaving me with the home for a few hours is preferred. This gives the buyers time to familiarize themselves with the home comfortably.