Infrared gives a visual of the home heating system

Using an infrared to check the flow of air at registers is done at the end of my inspection. Turning up the electric or gas heat and then checking for adequate flow at all of the registers in the home. Most registers can be tested just by using your hand. Having an infrared camera allows me to check the temperature and flow at registers not at ground level.

Does your sink overflow look like this?

Did you know that many modern sinks do not have an overflow drain anymore? Industry standards have changed because the chance of them getting rusted out and leaking were higher than overflowing the sink. I ran into a couple on an ’82 manufactured home this afternoon. At this point there is not much to do but to replace the sink, have a qualified person do the work.

Do you have excessive moisture underneath your home?

A crawlspace needs ventilation to remain dry, but the vents must be elevated to where it does not create an entry point for water. To lower the possibility of the vent leaking, the vent should be raised. It could possibly be removed, but ventilation under a home is just as important as keeping water out. The area around this slap could benefit in a drain to limit the chance of water running into this area.

If you have a question about your crawlspace, give me a call. I’d be happy to inspect it for you.

Flexible drains are a temporary fix

As a home inspector, I see many flexible drains installed that are not leaking and have been solid for years. The chances of something getting stuck in the trap and clogging, or the chance of the connection leaking is greater than with a solid pipe installed by a licensed plumber. The image above shows the decrease in diameter of the flexible pipe over the solid waste pipe.